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"Assisting our Customers in Providing Secure, Reliable and Affordable Electric Energy to North America through Strategic Global Sourcing"

Utility Agency & Import (UAI) provides the electric utility and OEM markets with quality products and services from leading domestic and global manufacturers. We are knowledgable and experienced in the electric utility industry, and we stay current of industry trends and changes—always continuing to strengthen our value to customers.

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Distribution, power and specialty units


Steel monopole and H-frame, lattice and polymeric, poles and arms.


Engineering, design, detailing, prototyping and testing.


Distribution, substation and transmission in porcelain, glass and polymeric construction.


Bare, 600v OH and UG, MV, HV.

Transmission Line Hardware:

Attachment hardware for insulators, OPGW, ADSS, OHGW. Damper and Spacer / Dampers.